Thursday, January 1, 2009

You are in....

for a ride!!!! Once again the Universe has shown favor---allowing me to share some of myself with the rest of the world! This is my first blog ever and I am excited!!! First, let me start off wishing all of my inquirers a wonderful New Year!!! This year is gonna be a BLAST!!! I am so determined to SHINE that it has not even been a full 24 hours within the New Year and I am already blinding So grab your Ray Bans, Gucci sunglasses--- or even a sun visor, because you're gonna wanna see this. Trust me, when I'm blessed--so are my loved ones in abundance.

Terrance J is an actor, model, and singer. Ready to share LOVE with the world. Located in Atlanta, GA (for the time being). I have to bless this city and keep it moving. GOD has truly blessed me with lots of talent and its ready to burst! LIFE WITH ME IS ALL WAYS GOOD. You'll see--TRUST!!! Ready to collab with some GOD'S most talented, eclectic, and creative people. So if that's you. LET'S DO IT!